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Company Vision (1988)

To enhance the development of the profession and To enhance the professionalism of those involved in human resource management and training

Provide products and services that promote this vision.



Iush was founded in 1987 by Nava Eldar and Chanoch Sadan, who are the shareholders and managers:

Nava Eldar holds a degree in behavioral science

Chanoch Sadan is an industrial and management engineer


The following are the keys to the Company's success:
- Constantly listening to our clients
- Learning about the business environment – by staying abreast of market trends, economic, social and judicial forces, as well as competition and business pressures that impact the market in which we and human resource and training managers operate.
- Ongoing learning about human resource management and training and staying in constant touch with new knowledge, trends and experience around the world and in Israel through studies, surveys, literature, the press, conferences, and meetings with knowledge experts and managers.
Developing the communications channels between us and our customers, laying the groundwork and creating networking opportunities for HR and training managers. 
Promoting identification and full cooperation with HR and training managers and their current and future professional challenges.
Assuming leading role in the human resources field through setting of professional challenges and constantly raising the standard for content, knowledge and experience and exposing them at conferences, periodicals, published articles and more…
Creating and developing the network of HR and training professionals in Israel to make us the source for professional knowledge and communication.
Opening up the network for providers of management-supporting products and for hundreds of knowledge experts – providers of expert services to HR and training professionals and creating opportunities for them to meet their customers.
Setting up partnerships with higher education centers and academic experts.
 Developing helpful channels for our customers:

    - Managers ask
    - E-mail bulletin
    - Personal mentoring
    - Index of articles
    - "Chance-2-Meet"
    - Surveys
    - Catalog of consultants

Additional challenges that are our guiding precepts:

-  Placing value-based subjects on our agenda, including matters of ethics and human relations; providing a platform for the expression of emotions; working with love, attention to relationships, acceptance, positive organizational behavior and an atmosphere of mutual assistance that would become the ethical model for other organizations (at conferences, specialized publications, mentoring activities, confidential talks, recognition and award ceremonies, etc.)

Current Activity and Brands

Israeli Human Resource Magazine (since 1988)

Since January 1988, Human Resource Magazine has been published monthly and distributed by subscription only. The magazine has earned a respectable place on the desks of managers and researchers. It is also used as an important source of professional learning and enrichment for all those working in the field, students and other stakeholders.

The target audience of the magazine consists of CEOs, HR and training managers, academic experts, organizational development consultants, students and companies that provide expert services and products to HR and training managers. Readership is from all segments of the economy: public, private and corporate.

The magazine has a subscriber base of 2,500 enterprises, and at least 25,000 managers and professionals read it.

The Article Index (since 1988)

To enable effective search for articles among the thousands written on hundreds of topics since the magazine was launched (January 1988), we have established an article index on the HR website, which can be searched by subject or by author.  The use of the index is free of charge.

The articles themselves are located in the editorial archive. Copies of previously published articles can be ordered for a charge.

The Annual Israeli Human Resources Conference (since 1989)

Since 1989, Iush Human Qualification Development Ltd. has organized the annual Israeli Human Resources Conference, usually held over three days in November/December each year.

It is the most prestigious, important and significant professional event in the field and attracts hundreds of managers from Israel and abroad each year.

At the conference, managers benefit from exposure to innovative and up-to-date information and knowledge, to techniques and technology for human resource management and more.

The conference facilitates professional and social mingling and allows professionals to meet experts from Israel and abroad, establish and solidify professional relationships, and to learn and be able to compare oneself to other managers and organizations.

The conference program is developed gradually over the year with the help of:

Conference Chair –  
Each year a conference chair is elected to lead the conference and determine the areas on which the conference will focus.

The chairperson follows the preparation and execution stages as well as facilitates the conference from the podium.

Conference Steering Committee –
includes a group of executives from different organizations, who share their professional experience and needs with their colleagues as part of the planning process of the conference, including issuing of the call for papers, reviewing and selecting the applications.

Annual Israeli Organizational Training and Learning Conference (since 1994)
Since 1994, Iush Human Qualification Development Ltd. has organized the annual Israeli Organizational Training and Learning Conference, generally held over three days in May/June each year.

Training is the primary professional mechanism for ensuring that employees have the knowledge and skills required for fulfilling the roles and responding to changes that take place in organizations. This begins with integrating new technologies and professional changes through changes in strategies to reflect increasing competition and globalization. Training plays an important role in the assimilation of technological changes and processes and in crystallizing the corporate culture.

We established this conference to focus managers’ attention on the importance of training and to enrich the training professional’s base of knowledge, techniques and accrued experience with professional colleagues. The conference attracts hundreds of training managers and professionals from Israel and abroad.

Conference Chair – 
Each year a conference chair is elected to lead the conference, and determine the areas on which the conference will focus.

The chairperson follows the preparation and execution stages and serves as the facilitator of the conference, seated on the main stage.

Conference Steering Committee –
includes a group of executives from different organizations, who share their professional experience and needs with their colleagues as part of the planning process of the conference, including issuing of the call for papers, reviewing and selecting the applications.

Suppliers Exhibitions (since 1988)
In 1988, prior to the Human Resources Conference, we organized a professional exhibition for human resource managers, which was attended by 1,600 managers.

Since 1989, we have held this exhibition twice a year, concurrently with the annual training and HR conferences.

The exhibitions offer a wide range of products and expert services designed to help human resource and training managers in their jobs.


HRPedia Israeli encyclopedia people and organizations management

HRPedia is a Web-based, free content encyclopedia project. HRPedia is written collaboratively by volunteers. Its articles can be edited by anyone with access to the Web site.

Israeli Training Development Contest - 2006

At the 13th annual Israeli Organizational Training and Learning Conference, we announced the establishment of the 2006 Israeli Training Development Contest, which since then has taken place as a multi-annual process. The primary purpose of the contest is to promote training for the benefit of organizations in Israel, to document the theory of the profession and to transform it into a written doctrine that will serve the training community with professional documentation.

The initiator of the contest is Ms. Amalia Cohen Daivk, manager of the Training and Organizational Development Department at Pelephone Communications, who is also the Chair of the Contest Steering Committee.

The editorial board of Human Resources magazine is also involved in this effort, offering its marketing and organizational platform for the contest. This includes exposure at the conference, in the magazine, on the Internet and more…

The Quality in Training Code 1994, 2006

In the second half of 1994, upon announcement of the National Award for Quality Training (1994), the editorial board of the magazine along with senior training managers wrote the Quality Training Code (1994).

Now (2006), as we geared up for the 13th annual Training Conference, we decided that the Code should be updated and adapted to the needs of this century. With the help of leading training managers, the 2006 Israeli Quality Training Code was written, presented at the 13th annual Training Conference and signed by the participants. The complete code is available for download from the magazine site.

ROI – Return on InvestmentTM

Management expects every investment made in an organization to generate a return that is greater than the investment.

When the return is quantifiable, measuring the return on investment is not a problem.

The American ROI InstituteTM was founded by Dr. Jack Phillip, who developed a methodology that enables measurement of ROI, even in areas which previously could not be evaluated (training, development of managers, teamwork, project management, and more).

The ROI Institute has 41 offices worldwide.

In 2006, the Company became the Israeli representative of the American ROI Institute – the practical expression of a trend that is spreading like wildfire – in response to the requirement to show the return on investment in "soft", seemingly intangible activities in corporate financial statements.


The mentoring project (since 1998)

The mentoring project allows managers who are just getting started in the field or who have taken a new position to benefit from the experience and insights of senior and seasoned mentor-managers.

"Personal and Personalized"
A series of workshops on ideological and emotional issues in interpersonal relationships, issues which over the years have been pushed aside and have not received their legitimate share of attention.

In addition to our activities in the field of knowledge transfer, surfacing hidden issues and influencing the agenda, the magazine conducts several professional surveys each year as well as cooperates with the Center for Organizational Research at the University of Haifa.

The surveys are designed to gather data, enable the comparison of past and present information, identify trends, test audience readiness, and more...

The surveys and findings are available on the Company’s Web site at

In fact, our website is the main web-based resource site for human resource and training managers in Israel.

The site contains a large amount of useful information and a variety of services for human resource and training managers as well as for management and organizational development consultants and suppliers.

A Variety of Communication Channels and Advertising Opportunities

Over the years, we have developed a wide range of diverse channels, so that anyone interested in reaching human resource and training managers can find and select an appropriate channel for their needs.

The marketing platform includes:

- Advertising in the magazine
- Distribution of brochure inserts along with the magazine
- Advertising in the conference programs
- Advertising on the Web site
- E-mail bulletin
- Trade fairs held in parallel to the conferences
- Sponsorships

The Network Center for HR and Training Managers
The different forums, annual conferences, steering committees for conferences, the magazine, dozens of other activities with nonprofit organizations and more, made up the platform and the opportunity for personal meetings between managers from organizations across Israel. These and other gatherings continue informally, including through independent efforts in the field.

The Knowledge and Consulting Center – An Open House for HR and Training Managers
Throughout many years of activity, intimate familiarity and daily review of content and the issues facing human resource and training managers, personal acquaintance with thousands of managers and consultants, and close personal friendships – we have gained a tremendous amount of information and experience that we place at the disposal of anyone who contacts us – through good advice, guidance and more.





















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